Blind wine tasting at La Laguna Rosa

Visita las Salinas de Torrevieja


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The Pink Lagoon is undoubtedly one of the most precious treasures of the Costa Blanca. With unparalleled beauty, it is one of the most visited places in the municipality of Torrevieja, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Its salt mountains, pink waters, popular salt flower, and precious flamingos make this place a unique spot in Spain.

Tours Costa Blanca has the opportunity to offer exclusive private tastings on a salt mountain, and this summer 2024, we bring a unique and fun experience where we will culminate with the best sunset in the area.

Entrance to the private area of the Pink Lagoon

The pink lagoon of Torrevieja is a unique place in Spain with extraordinary beauty. That is why it has become the most visited place in the municipality.

Bird Watching

We are in an area belonging to the Torrevieja Natural Park and have a spectacular bird population whose observation will be one of the most wonderful moments of this experience.

Blind Wine Tasting

We will taste 4 wines from the area. All of them are DO Alicante, traditionally made and organic. All bottles will be covered so that we focus on the wine. Following the sommelier’s instructions, we will gradually learn to discover each one of them. In the end, we will discover who the “best wine taster” is.

Tasting of Local Products and Premium Olive Oils

Once the experience is over, we will enjoy the best moment of the lagoon, the sunset over the pink waters. We will take the opportunity to taste a selection of local products along with a tasting of premium extra virgin olive oils.



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