The beauty of forgotten Jerez: the neighborhood of San Mateo

Jerez de la Frontera


Spanish and English


Get to know the monumentality of the most forgotten but no less beautiful and interesting Jerez.

In one of the most charming places in the city, we will visit one of the most unique urban fabrics of Jerez, where labyrinthine and narrow streets of Muslim tradition, palaces and stately homes of ancient ancestry and wine cellars of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, are mixed with the daily life of a neighborhood that boasts of being one of the oldest in the city.

We start our visit in the vicinity of our beautiful Cathedral of San Salvador to go to the heart of the neighbourhood, the Plaza del Mercado, up the Cuesta del Espíritu Santo, where we will enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the cathedral building from the Convent of the Holy Spirit, the oldest of the women’s convents of Jerez.

In “the city of Bacchus”, we will pass by the Fundador winery, linked to the Domecq surname, the oldest in our city, and then we will visit the amalgam of palaces in the area, including the Ponce de León Palace, the Riquelme Palace and the Camporreal Palace.

Once in the Plaza del Mercado, we will refer to the Municipal Archaeological Museum, one of the most important in the province, which we always recommend visiting, with an excellent collection of pieces ranging from the Palaeolithic period to the Modern Age, and whose central nucleus is a small palace from the end of the 18th century that corresponds to the typology of a courtyard house.

This route is recommended for all ages and audiences.

Be warned of a steep slope on the ascent of the Cuesta del Espíritu Santo.

It includes a visit to the exterior of the San Mateo neighbourhood.



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