Culinary demonstration with gourmet tasting at the Pink Lagoon



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We begin the experience with a brief introduction about salt, the salt industry, and the climatic conditions that make our pink lagoon unique. Next, we will move to a salt mountain, created exclusively for us. There, we will enjoy a culinary demonstration by a master artisan who will explain the preparation of salted fish products from the time of the Romans to the present day. We will taste typical salted products from the region, including:

Salted bonito.
Viso (a type of fish).
Anchovies in brine.
Salted sardines with peaches in syrup. We will also include a white DO Alicante wine and sample an extra virgin olive oil of the arbequina variety. All products will be artisanal, organic, and locally sourced.

  • The experience will take place if a minimum of 10 people participate.
  • No transportation provided.
  • In case of adverse weather conditions, the activity will be suspended.

For the demonstration, you will need to climb a salt mountain with a very gentle slope. The entire experience will be conducted standing, so if someone has mobility issues, please indicate it in advance so that we can provide seating. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.
*Possibility to arrange a private tour any day (subject to availability) with a minimum group of 20 people.

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