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In 1906 a treasure was discovered just a few minutes away from Palma: the caves of Genova, a fascinating natural legacy sculpted in stone, drop by drop, over centuries. In prehistoric times, the natural caves in Mallorca served as habitat and refuge. Nowadays, they enchant thousands of people with their natural beauty, sculpted by water over the centuries: enormous domes, majestic columns, pools of water, tunnels…

Reopened to the public a few years ago, these are the closest caves to the capital of the Balearic Islands. Their proximity to Palma makes them easily accessible to visitors, as they are located in the residential neighbourhood of Génova, which belongs to the municipality of Palma.

Like the rest of the caves and caverns in Mallorca, they are made up of a series of underground galleries of calcareous origin. These galleries are linked by naturally formed corridors.

The interior tour takes place in small groups of people accompanied by a guide, with whom you descend into the illuminated galleries to a depth of 36 metres.

After the interesting visit to these Mallorcan caves, visitors have the chance to enjoy an aperitif and try a variety of Mallorcan tapas.



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